“…the sound editing, acting and naturalistic dialogue, along with the evil sense of humor all combine to make a very memorable and worthy entry into the zombie canon. …a refreshingly confident sense of its own style. I look forward to seeing more from Mr. Bailey in the future, maybe even a sequel?” – The Quiet Earth

“Impressively disgusting…Bing deserves serious praise for locating real emotion in such a fantastic tale. “ – The Irish Times (Donald Clarke)

“The dialogue is witty and creative and brings a lighthearted feeling to the movie. The tension and story builds nicely adds mystery but in a suspenseful way. The makeup and music are completely fantastic and really bring a sense of reality to the film. Though the film is in the horror genre, Portrait is very faceted and is a film that all genres fans can enjoy.” – DirectorsLive

“…stands comparison to Shaun of the Dead …perfectly pitched performances by Geraldine McAlinden and Rory Mullen” MetroActive

“Horror comedies that are this effective both as comedies and as horror are pretty rare.” Jason Watches Movies

“Bailey deserves praise for creating an original and creative zombie film. He proves that there is still life (pun intended) within the zombie subgenre. …there are a couple of scenes that are so damn vile and outrageous that you cannot believe what you are seeing! And you cannot look away…” Phil’s Film Adventures

“Possibly one of the best feature films at Cinequest this year, due primarily to its flawless flow from comedic documentary-styled oddness into classic horror. “Portrait Of A Zombie” is filled with brilliant acting and dialogue, while chock-full of genre-references, moral implications, and touching on social issues in its own way. A perfect film overall. If there is a sequel to be made, we want to see it.”




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